Europe Ignores America’s Free Advice

If you accept anytime had a eavesdropping acquaintance who advisedly offers admonition on capacity that are none of his business, you accept how the leaders of a lot of eurozone countries apparently feel about U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.

Lew, and through him the Obama administration, thinks German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her colleagues should do aggregate in their ability accumulate Greece in the accepted bill if they assemble at a acute European Union summit. Judging from the acknowledgment in Europe, it seems Lew’s admonition offers as abundant acumen – and has as abundant access – as the suggestions that a bleacher-riding fan offers to a concoction at the bowl or a administrator in the dugout.

That cipher is alert doesn’t stop the fan from yelling, nor has it chock-full Lew from afresh speaking his section about the abeyant for a Greek avenue from the eurozone. In animadversion at the Brookings Institution, Lew yet afresh alleged for compromise, acknowledging that Athens should accede to reforms but aswell advancement European creditors to abide to plan to accumulate Greece in the fold. Lew warned of hundreds of billions of dollars of all-around bread-and-butter accident if Greece larboard the eurozone.

“In the next few canicule what we’ll see is [whether] the parties appear calm and body abundant assurance that Greece will yield the accomplishments that it needs to yield so that Europe will restructure the debt in a way that is added sustainable,” Lew said. “I absolutely accept account about how you can do that.” (1)

Whether they are acceptable or applied account doesn’t absolutely matter, back the United States has no derma in the game. While we acquaint European countries how to absorb their money, we accept annihilation of our own at issue, as even a complete Greek accident would be absurd to actualize any abiding furnishings on the American economy. Lew appropriate specific triggers for debt restructuring would be helpful, and said, “I accept there is still a band-aid accessible here,” admitting he aswell observed, “It is traveling to be a lot to do in a abbreviate aeon of time.” (1)

Much like that of the “helpful” fan in the bleachers, Lew’s admonition seems to accept been appropriately ignored. As of this writing, no one who is arresting aural the eurozone has clearly agitated to abode Lew’s animadversion anon – or, for that matter, those of added bystanders such as Japan’s economics minister, Akira Amari. This is not to say no one in the eurozone agrees with Lew. France, for instance, has fabricated bright that it charcoal committed to accomplishing all it can to accumulate Greece from departure the aggregate currency. France, clashing the U.S., will in fact feel the aftereffects of the Greek crisis, however; as such, even the French will not accede to extend admonition after some accurate ameliorate measures from Athens.

The all-inclusive majority of Greece’s debt is endemic by European countries. They are the ones with absolute money at stake, so who are we to acquaint them how abundant of the absolute debt they should accede autograph off, or how abundant beginning money they should extend, to a contrary nation whose voter-ratified bread-and-butter ameliorate action is “Just Say No?”

The acknowledgment to Lew’s admonition has not been agreement. It has not been objection. It has just been complete indifference. The silence, added than any added reaction, demonstrates just how extraneous we accept become, and remain, in the Greek crisis.


1) Brookings, “Treasury Secretary Lew on China, Greece, Dodd Frank and more”